Voice Report – March 17, 2017

Google Home
Google Home Runs Ad for Beauty and the Beast
As discussed in our State of Alexa report, Google’s existing revenue model is based on selling advertising. This week they started playing ads when Google Home users requested their daily “My Day” update.

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Giving $100 / Month AWS Credits to Alexa Developers
To help promote the creation of Alexa Skills, Amazon is giving developers $100 of AWS credits per month – in addition to the standard 1 million free Lambda calls and other Free Tier services. 10,000 skills and counting…

Alexa is Now in Amazon’s iPhone App
Users can now access Alexa through Amazon’s main iPhone app. This is the first time Amazon has given users a way to speak to Alexa through an iPhone.

Roomba get an Alexa Skill
Finally, you can say “Alexa, tell Roomba to start cleaning.”

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