Lollapalooza Cashless Payments

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Lollapalooza Goes Cashless With Digital Wristbands
Lollapalooza is rolling out a new initiative this week called Lolla Cashless that claims to be the first effort from a major U.S. music festival to use radio frequency identification (or RFID)-enabled wristbands for payments. The Chicago music festival will begin sending concertgoers bracelets leading up to the August event that can be linked to credit card information for buying food and drinks.

Allowing “Cashless Payments” accomplishes a lot of things for Lollapalooza:
– Speed up food & drink lines
– Can track user’s spending
– Reward big-spenders, send them a text/email, get them to buy more
– Much easier for customers to over-spend / buy more without thinking about it
– Save on credit card transaction fees by processing one large payment for each customer, rather than dozens of small payments
– can add additional interactive / gamification features around the festival that will be triggered by the same wristband, giving each visitor their own custom experience

Podcast 2: Betchyu

Friday, February 21st, 2014

An interview with Adam Baratz of Betchyu
Betchyu is a portfolio company of Bizdom. Bizdom is a non-profit startup accelerator founded by serial entrepreneur Dan Gilbert, Founder and Chairman of Quicken Loans, Majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and General Partner at Detroit Venture Partners.


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Dumb Ways to Die

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Dumb Ways to Die started off as a clever public safety music video and has started to grow into other media. The Dumb Ways to Die app is now available for iPhone and Android, and features several mini games that played very quickly, much like Wario Ware on the Nintendo.

Most of the mini games are fun riffs on the already silly “ways to die” from the music video. There are really only a handful of mini games, but they are played faster and faster until you fail 3 times.

Here is the original “Dumb Ways to Die” video.

Gamify Your Productivity

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

It seems that everything I have been reading lately talks about gamification – gamify your life, gamify your job, gamify your dog.

I have taken two aspects of gamification – points tracking and rewards – and started to apply them to my business.

Points Tracking
Each quarter for the past year I have created a spreadsheet that tracks Feltpad’s different sources of income, along with how much income I expect from each of those sources each month.

As the quarter progresses, the numbers start to add-up (or not) and I can give myself a grade, for the month and for the quarter, based my performance. When I’m doing really well, it motivates me to see that I am close to hitting 100%. When I’m not doing so well, it is at least interesting to see where I should be.

Example Spreadsheet:

People love rewards, even if they are meaningless. Look at Foursquare. People love getting badges – digital badges that appear on their phones.

This quarter I have implemented a rewards system for myself. I will get a bonus at the end of the quarter, based on my rating at the end of the quarter. The rule is that I get to spend this money on something fun that I would otherwise not purchase.

The rewards are based on a grading scale. The highest reward is for an A+ (97%+) at the end of the quarter and quickly reduce for each lower grade. If I get a C or below, I get no reward.